Crate feels like home in the cloud.

Kubernetes and Crate

August 16, 2016


Claus Matzinger

During our hackathon last weekend we came up with a template that would easily let users spin up a cluster with Kubernetes, that can now also be found in our documentation!

Orchestrating a SQL Database Cluster with Docker 1.12

July 19, 2016


Andy Ellicott

Orchestrating a SQL database cluster with Docker Services 1.12.

A 1001 Node Crate Cluster with Microsoft Azure

April 25, 2016


We have clients who write and query gigabytes of data a minute, store terabytes a day and love the performance and stability that Crate offers. But the question always remained at the back of our minds - when taken to the extreme, what is Crate really capable of?

Big Bite: Ingesting Performance of Large Clusters

April 19, 2016


Database performance depends on many factors. There are many parameters user can tweak, but the outcome in complex setups is not always obvious. While we had a big cluster of crate instances available, we faced the challenge to load huge amounts of data into it to initialize the distributed database. A series of experiments resulted in an awesome 4.8 mio records/rate of ingesting data into our cluster! To get there, we explored the effect of network connections, number of nodes, and shard configuration.

Deploying the Crate Distributed Database Using Mesos and Marathon

March 6, 2015


Christian Haudum

This is a guest post originally published on Mesosphere's Blog on Feb 25, 2015. Editor's Note: This guest post is written by Christian Haudum of...

Announcing Crate as a Google Click-to-Deploy Database

May 7, 2015


The team is happy to announce that it is now even easier to start a Crate cluster on Google Cloud Platform. After collaborating with...

Running and managing Crate databases with Mesos

May 13, 2015


Apache Mesos is a fantastic tool for abstracting CPU, memory, storage, and other compute resources away from machines (physical or virtual). This lets you program...

Running Crate on Linux and Windows with Azure

August 13, 2015


We have had requests from many of you about the potential of running Crate on Azure cloud hosting and/or Windows. Whilst this was always possible...