The team at is beyond excited to announce Snow Sprint 2016!

January 24th - 29th, 2016

Snow Sprint 2016 revived along tradition of legendary Austrian Alpine hackathons. For a whole week we'll be drinking beer, skiing and of course hacking around, bringing a distributed, scalable and easy to use SQL database to reality.

The SnowSprint is happening in a lovely mountain lodge called Leo's Hütte in the small village of Hittisau, Austria.


Do whatever you feel like. Polish, refactor, create an awesome new feature. Find a list of topics on our Github Wiki Page. Feel free to add yours.


Crate will provide shuttles up into the mountains from the nearby town of Dornbirn, Austria. It is your mission to arrive in Dornbirn by Sunday, January 24th.

We recommend you arrive a day early so you make the most out of your sprint and combat any jetlag, but it is not required. We can help you find and book an affordable room for the night in Dornbirn if you choose this option.

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There are a few straightforward ways to get there:

The closest airports are Zurich (ZRH), Munich (MUC), and the smaller Friedrichshafen Airport (FDH). Once you've landed, it will be necessary to take a train in order to get to Dornbirn, Austria, the central meeting place for the SnowSprint and headquarters.

Taking the Train

ÖBB time table

If you're coming from Zurich (west), it is easiest to take the train from Zurich Airport to St. Margrethen station (easy transfer at St. Gallen), where we will arrange transport for you from there to Dornbirn. The train from Zurich takes 1:45m and costs around 35€ each way (2nd class). It is also possible to take a different train directly to Dornbirn station, but for some reason, nobody recommends this. I think it's longer and the connections aren't convenient.

If you're arriving at Munich airport, the train ride to Dornbirn is about 3 hours.

If you're coming from the east, it is usually easy to find a train that comes to Dornbirn station.

In our experience, most people arrive at Zurich and take the train to St. Margrethen. If you plan to drive yourself, we can help with driving directions. Make sure you have snow tires!

Closing Evening

On the last evening of the Snowsprint - the 28th of January - we'd will welcome everyone who wants to join us. There will be presentations of the work that was done during the sprint, nice food, some drinks and staff. Feel free to join us at Leo's Hütte in Hittisau. The closing eventing will start somewhere around 5:30pm to 6:00pm.