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Time-Series Data in Manufacturing

Definition, Potential and Technologies
What are industrial time series? How can we make the most out of them?

Time-Series Deep Dive

Due to the IoT, we now produce more time-series data than ever before. Time-series data describe the state of systems and its evolution over time, offering very valuable insights for businesses. Everybody is interested in extracting all the information hidden in their time series.

This includes the industry. Time-series data are key for manufacturers, since a huge amount of sensor data is being generated during the daily operations. We call this type of time series data “industrial time series”. Until now, the information hidden in this data was mostly lost... But with the big data era, this is about to change.

What are the characteristics of industrial time series? Why are they different than other time-series data? How manufacturers can use them to improve efficiency and reduce costs?

You’ll find the answer in this white paper.

What you will learn


The big data boom


What are time series?


Why are time-series data so relevant right now?


Time-series data in manufacturing


Choosing the right technology for industrial time series – discussing the differences between operational historians, traditional RDBMS, NoSQL databases and time-series databases.

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