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The Cost of Running MongoDB, TimescaleDB and CrateDB for Industrial IoT

Databases Cost Comparison in IIoT

When comparing database costs, it is important to look beyond the monthly price listed by the different vendors. There can be surprises… Especially if your use case fits into the industrial IoT category.

Industrial IoT use cases are demanding from the dataset point of view. They require scalability and to process real-time queries under concurrent loads. For a database not optimized for the use case, it can be difficult to keep up, and the price can raise considerably.

We run a benchmark comparing the cost of three databases: MongoDB, TimescaleDB and CrateDB. The use case: Industrial IoT. Our virtual customer had factories all over the world, with 5,000 sensors ingesting 6 billion rows of data. The question: how much it costs to run this use case with the three different databases?

We present the results in this white paper.

It includes:


Initial summary


Characteristics and general pricing of the three databases


The use case: dataset and queries


Results: comparing the monthly costs of the three databases

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