Time-series data

From raw data to fast analysis in only three steps

💡 About  

Time-series data and analysis can help businesses understand patterns, trends, and causes over time. This is crucial for business success.

In this webinar, Crate.io’s Solution Engineering team will guide you through the implementation steps of a time-series use case - from table layout to querying.  

Our speakers will also show you how to find the right sharding and partitioning strategy for your time-series data in CrateDB.

💭 What you will learn  


Know more about time-series data and get expert insights with Crate.io’s Solution Engineers; 


Learn about all the data modeling decisions needed for implementing time-series data in CrateDB, including sharding/ partitioning best practices;


Watch a live demo to get insights on typical queries and share your questions with our team. 


46 mins

👋 Our speakers 



Niklas Schmidtmer

Lead Solution Engineer, Crate.io

Niklas is Crate.io's Lead Solution Engineer. With his team, he helps customers implement CrateDB in their environments and make the best use of CrateDB's features. Niklas gained experience in the database space by delivering various data warehousing and data integration projects. He holds a master's degree in computer science from the University of Passau. 



Karyn Azevedo 

Solution Engineer, Crate.io

Karyn Azevedo is part of Crate.io's Solution Engineer team. She is passionate about supporting clients to achieve their best results with CrateDB while producing content for our growing community of users. She studied Computer Science at the University of São Paulo and holds a master's degree in the same field focusing on data mining and data processing from the University of Porto.


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