Is the future of NoSQL... SQL?

About the webinar

Join this webcast to learn how the newest databases, like CrateDB and CockroachDB deliver the benefits of NoSQL with the ease of SQL by building SQL engines on top of custom NoSQL technology stacks. Database industry veteran Andy Ellicott, who helped launch Vertica, VoltDB, Cloudant, and now with Crate.io, will provide a no-BS view of current DBMS architectures and predictions for the future of data.

What you will learn

How database architectures are changing


How data workloads are changing...beyond web-scale (thing-scale!)


New use cases in IoT, Web-scale, Cyber security, log analytics, geospatial,...


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About the



Andy Ellicott, Developer Relations


A former software engineer, Andy has spent the last 20 years launching and evangelizing new databases. Before joining Crate.io in 2016, Andy helped launch the Cloudant DBaaS (acquired by IBM), and before that, launched VoltDB, Vertica, and ObjectStore (last millennium!).