An Introduction to CrateDB Cloud on Azure

About the Webinar

Don't miss this unique opportunity to tune in to hear from our CEO, Christian Lutz and IoT Solution Architect Juergen Mayrbaeurl from Microsoft. Together, they will show you how CrateDB Cloud is a fully-managed database-as-a-service, secured, scaled and operated by the engineers that built CrateDB, is designed to handle the complexity of time series workloads in real-time.

What you will learn


Ingest and query massive amounts of data with sub-second query speed and a 10x faster performance than traditio­nal TSDBs


A DB seamlessly growing with the use case: Scale simple using auto­matic reba­lancing and a shared-nothing architecture


Get the best of SQL & NoSQL in one DB. CrateDB Cloud on Azure is SQL compati­ble, making it easy to use and integrate


Handle complex time series data with ease

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About the


Christian Lutz, Founder and CEO


Christian Lutz is the CEO and a co-founder of Crate.io, the developer of CrateDB. A serial entrepreneur, Lutz has built several software companies, including enterprise delivery platforms and large consumer portals. He studied industrial engineering at the Vienna University of Technology.


Jürgen Mayrbäurl, Solution Architect for IoT


Working for Microsoft HQ and based in Vienna - Austria, focusing on partners in the EMEA region with Azure based IoT solutions. Juergen has worked at Microsoft for over 9 years. Juergen has worked for several technology companies and has a degree from Vienna Technical University.