Stable Release 0.57.4

Release Date
December 7, 2016
  • Fixed ClassCastException that occurs when executing queries with
    order by that uses scalar functions which have integer return type
    and null values are involved in the ordering.
    e.g. SELECT * from t1 ORDER BY abs(col1) (col1 contains nulls)

  • Fixed NPE that that can occur in join queries when left table
    has no matching records.

  • Fixed issue that caused join queries to get stuck when killed.

  • Improved error message when column is missing from group by
    by using the column alias instead of the column name.

  • Improve error message for not supported set operations
    intersect and except.

  • Improved error handling:
    Sometimes a user would get a “Job Killed” error instead of the actual error
    that caused a query to get interrupted.

  • Fixed a memory leak that was caused by blob uploads.

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