Stable Release 0.56.2

Release Date
October 13, 2016

Crate 0.56.2

13 Oct 2016

  • Updated crate-admin to 0.20.2 which includes following changes:

    • Fixed the chart error that occured when navigating between the overview and other pages.

    • Fixed the logo URL which was not redirecting correctly.

    • Fixed an issue that caused the query history in the console view to be inconsistent.

  • Changed the server_version formatting sent via the postgres wire protocol to be compatible with clients which can't handle the numeric notation.

  • Updated Crash to 0.18.1 which contains the following change:

    • Fix: crashed in verbose mode if Crate didn't provide an error trace
  • Postgres clients do not accept negative years in timestamp string but require BC suffix for dates before Christ. Now the correct date format string is sent to client.

  • Removed arbitrary limit on timestamp values. Now also dates before 1653-02-10 and after 2286-11-20 are supported. However, there is still a limitation that the year needs to be within in the integer range (-292275054 <= year <= 292278993).

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