Stable Release 0.55.6

Release Date
October 10, 2016

Crate 0.55.6

10 Oct 2016

  • Negations of non-numeric literals now cause a query to fail instead of silently ignoring the negation.

  • Fix: The minimum_should_match fulltext search option was ignored which lead to incorrect results for queries with multiple terms when minimum_should_match was explicitly set to a non-default value.

  • Fixed an issue that causes the try_cast function to fail while casting the WKT representation of a point with invalid coordinates to geo_point.

  • All operations on closed partitions result in error now.

  • Fixed an issue that might cause queries to fail with a Same bucket of a page set more than once error.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause arrays with null entries to cause a NPE during the generation of another error message.

  • Fix: An issue on self joins when columns from both relations are used in where clause. E.g. FROM table t1, table t2 WHERE t1.col = 'foo' and t2.col = 'bar';

  • Fix: ANY operator fails in the WHERE clause if a subscript is used as an expression. E.g. 'value' = any(obj_array[1]['a']['b'])

  • Fix: WHERE clauses with a NOT operator where the column reference resolves to NULL now return the correct results: NOT NULL -> NULL -> no match

  • Fixed evaluation of NOT NULL (=> NULL) in WHERE clause

  • Fix: The count aggregation function counts null values. E.g. count(cast(null as string))

  • Fixed an issue which could cause EXPLAIN statements to fail

  • Fix: Prevented usage of MATCH predicates on columns of both relations of a join if they cannot be applied to each of them separately. eg: FROM t1, t2 WHERE match(t1.txt, 'foo') OR match(t2.txt, 'bar');

  • Fix: aggregations on no-match JOIN queries incorrectly returned empty result Now these queries fail because aggregations are not supported on joins

  • Fix: Inserting in tables which have a generated column with current_timestamp failed.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause joins on 3+ tables to produce the wrong result.

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