Stable Release 0.55.5

Release Date
September 19, 2016

Crate 0.55.5

19 Sep 2016

  • Fix: Dropping a partition while inserting by primary key into same partition should not raise an exception but returns a 0 row count instead.

  • Fix: JAR conflict if HDFS plugin with Hadoop 2.x is used.

  • Fix: Now it is also possible to restore a snapshot of a single partition of a partitioned table in a non-existent table. This requires that the snapshot has been created with version 0.55.5 or greater!

  • Fix: Join conditions were not properly validated and an expression with a not yet defined relation could be used.

  • Fix: Setting of a default schema was not possible by using the HTTP REST endpoint.

  • Fix: Error was thrown in case of primary key bulk delete statement with null bulk arguments.

  • Fix: Return 0 rows instead of an error when executing select queries that try to match null for primary key columns. eg: select * from t where pk in (null);

  • Fix: Allow select statements on columns of multiple nested object array

  • Fix: do not allow to create tables in read-only system schemas

  • Fix: COPY FROM statements fail if null values are inserted into partitioned tables.

  • Fix: type was not set correctly when creating a token filter with default name and no type

  • Fix: prevent creating char filters with missing properties

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