Stable Release 0.55.3

Release Date
August 5, 2016

Crate 0.55.3

05 Aug 2016

  • Fixed an issue which prevents java client from running explain statements.

  • Fixed an issue which caused current_timestamp as part of a generated expression to not work correctly. This fix will only affect new tables. Tables which already contain a generated column which uses current_timestamp will need to be recreated.

  • Improved error handling when grouping by invalid data types.

  • Fixed an issue when ordering by a function on a joined query.

  • Fixed an issue which could lead to wrong Error messages due to a race condition.

  • Fix: Arrays of geo_point can be used in insert/update statements as literals as well as bind arguments.

  • Fix: If a graceful shutdown of a node was aborted, sql statement processing on that node was still disabled.

  • Fixed a read isolation issue which could cause joins involving system and blob tables to return inconsistent results.

  • BREAKING: On Hunspell dictionary configuration, the parameter indices.analysis.hunspell.dictionary.location has been removed and /hunspell is always used.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented join and sort on blob tables.

  • Adapted behaviour of stats.enabled, stats.jobs_log_size and stats.operations_log_size settings to match behaviour of other cluster wide settings like for example minimum_master_nodes.

  • Fix: Do not fetch table stats when node is not fully available yet. This could have led to NullPointerExceptions during long recovery process on node start.

  • Fixed an issue which prevented running join queries on empty partitioned tables.

  • Fix: the hostname column of the sys.nodes table returns a hostname instead of an IP address.

  • Fixed an issue that caused select statements to get stuck if used as part of a bulk request. Now a proper error is raised.

  • Updated Elasticsearch to 2.3.4

  • Fix: the within scalar function now allows querying geo_shapes within geo_shapes.

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