CrateDB Telegraf Output Plugin

Easily integrate metrics from dozens of popular sources into CrateDB for time series analysis using SQL.

Telegraf is open source software for collecting metrics data from dozens of popular IT systems, processing the data and then writing it into a time series database for further analysis.

Diagram: Telegraf Output Plugin for CrateDB

The Telegraf output plugin for CrateDB enables users to output data from Telegraf into CrateDB. Once in CrateDB, the metrics data can be enriched with other relational data and queried using SQL.

Telegraf Output Plugin


Perform more complex data & queries on system metrics data

Integrate it easily via SQL

Analyze large time windows of metrics data

Connect hundreds of users to time series dashboards

Install, Configure & Start

How to connect Telegraf to CrateDB

Step-by-step instructions showing how to use the Telegraf Output Plugin for CrateDB.