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CrateDB Prometheus Adapter

Use CrateDB for long-term storage of Prometheus data that you query and enrich with SQL.

 is a popular open source software for storing and analyzing metrics data. Many IT systems, including Docker, expose systems monitoring metrics to Prometheus for short-term storage and time series dashboarding. Prometheus is a single-server datastore, which makes it easy to setup, but also limits the amount of data it can process to that one machine.

In order to support Prometheus long-term storage of time series data, Prometheus supports external storage solutions. The  seamlessly connects those same IT systems to CrateDB via the Prometheus remote read/write request interface. This gives users a fault-tolerant way to scale their IT metrics data to hold months, or even years of time series data and analyze it using SQL.




Store large time windows of metrics and events data; months or years

Access metrics data easily from existing tools and BI software via SQL

Enrich the data with other relational data to support advanced analytics

Connect hundreds of users to time series dashboards


CrateDB for Time Series

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