CrateDB MQTT Database Interface

Transmit MQTT data directly to CrateDB, without separate message queueing software.

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Direct Device-to-DB MQTT Database Interface

Many sensors, networks and other devices rely on the MQTT standard protocol for message transfer.

The CrateDB MQTT Broker simplifies application architectures by allowing sources to transmit MQTT data directly to CrateDB, without the need to host separate message queueing software. Modern databases like CrateDB are capable of processing heavy streams of data without downtime, which begins to make the need for message queueing software obsolete.

CrateDB MQTT Database Interface diagram

How it works

An MQTT broker is embedded within CrateDB and is configured, via the CrateDB Ingestion Framework, to securely listen for, receive, and store specific MQTT message topics. Ingestion rules specify which MQTT topics CrateDB tunes into, and how it maps the MQTT message payload to fields in a relational table.

CrateDB MQTT Database Interface


Eliminate the cost of hosting separate message queueing software

Simplifies MQTT database application development

Analyze MQTT message payloads with real-time SQL performance

Scales to ingest millions of MQTT messages per second


Getting Started with CrateDB as a MQTT Database Endpoint


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