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Faster digitalization of factories through ready reference implementations

Microsoft in Manufacturing is designed to make the development of new solutions for the IIoT even faster, more efficient and reliable. A partner: Crate.io

It’s Time to Embrace Intelligent IoT

In the next decade, there will be an explosion of IoT use cases, pulling data for programmers, who can harness, analyze, and understand the information these devices are bringing.

Rise of the Edge – analytics and compute anywhere

Having the information fully formed before the arrival at the cloud and then aggregate information from many edge points helps getting to market quicker.

Distributed SQL Database Provides Data Insights At Scale

Crate.io enables enterprises to access data at scale. The distributed database combines the power of NoSQL with the performance and simplicity of SQL.

Edge Women of the Year Interview – Eva Schönleitner, Crate.io

In the lead-up to Edge Computing World, we’re speaking to this year’s finalist of the Edge Women of the Year awad: Eva Schönleitner, CEO at Crate.io.

What happened to Crate.io?

Christian Lutz, Founder and President of Crate.io shared insights into the company behind CrateDB

Crate.io CEO Eva Schönleitner talks with Der Brutkasten about the 10 Million Dollar Investment

Crate.io CEO Eva Schönleitner talks with Der Brutkasten about CrateDB and the 10 Million Dollar investment in Crate.io

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Crate.io on its way to becoming Vorarlberg's first "Unicorn"

CEO Eva Schönleitner talks in an interview with "Vorarlberg Live" about the newest founding round, industry 4.0 and cyber security

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Zebras & Unicorns: Eva Schönleitner and the 10 million $ deal for Crate.io

In the podcast interview Eva Schönleitner, CEO of Crate.io, talks in German about the new funding round and Edge computing.

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Crate.io Secures $10 Million in Funding

Eva Schönleitner, CEO of Crate.io, talks in the podcast interview with Startup Insider about the new $10 million funding round thanks to existing investors, including Draper Esprit, VITO Ventures, Flatz & Partners AG.

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