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CrateDB 4.5 takes distributed SQL database open source

The distributed SQL database vendor is out with a new version of its CrateDB database that brings improved security and management features for on-premises and cloud deployments.

Database for the IIoT

Both the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Big Data are very data-intensive. The resulting heterogeneous infrastructure of databases means an ever more complex administration. Special databases are available for the IIoT to solve those challenges.

Crate.io Open Sources the Entire Codebase of CrateDB – the Database Purpose Built for Machine Data

Crate.io Open Sources the Entire Codebase of CrateDB. CrateDB will remain fully open source moving forward.

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Consolidation of databases

Data-intensive trends such as Big Data or Industrial IoT result in a heterogeneous database infrastructure. This makes administration complex. The article outlines how consolidation is possible.

Smart Manufacturing: Those who do not rely on real-time insights have a disadvantage

Crate.io CEO Eva Schoenleitner shares her thoughts on how to use data to enable automation, analysis, and new business models

Edge computing and IoT: How they fit together

Edge computing brings data processing as close to an Internet of Things (IoT) device as possible.

Central data storage vs. edge computing? What the industry expects in 2021

A new level of maturity in digitization will enable enormous growth in 2021. One reason for this is the increased networking of cloud-capable systems with edge computing. For some processes, the local cloud is the obvious choice.

ALPLA relies on IoT data processing in discrete manufacturing

Crate.io developed an IoT platform for ALPLA based on its CrateDB Cloud for Azure and the CrateDB Edge module.

Crate.io Announces CrateDB Will Switch to an Elasticsearch Fork Following License Change

Crate.io Announces CrateDB Will Switch to an Elasticsearch Fork Following License Change. The developer and supplier remains committed to the open source community.

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Big Data Challenge: Austrian Startup With a Solution

Crate.io demonstrates the necessary foresight into the question of how to handle data efficiently with its products.

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