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Why companies need a data strategy

The IoT has long since ceased to be a marginal phenomenon and is now present in the majority of companies. Why a strategy for data is crucial now .

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Shared-Nothing: This is how a database for IIoT application works

In the IIoT environment, massive amounts of data have to be collected and analyzed in real time. Classic SQL databases quickly reach their limits ..

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Innovation Vorarlberg: Big Data 2005 and today

Together with Crate.io, the packaging specialist ALPLA developed an intelligent 'Smart manufacturing' solution.

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Crate.io's Crateom to Enhance Operational Efficiency

CrateOM transforms device data into meaningful insights, monitors equipment performance, lowers downtime, cuts resource and boosts overall efficiency.

CrateOM a solution by Crate.io

Crate.io launches CrateOM: a smart solution to digitalize and optimize operational processes

Crate.io today announced the launch of CrateOM, a smart solution that transforms process data into actionable insights.

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Faster digitalization of factories through ready reference implementations

Microsoft in Manufacturing is designed to make the development of new solutions for the IIoT even faster, more efficient and reliable. A partner: Crate.io

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It’s Time to Embrace Intelligent IoT

In the next decade, there will be an explosion of IoT use cases, pulling data for programmers, who can harness, analyze, and understand the information these devices are bringing.

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Rise of the Edge – analytics and compute anywhere

Having the information fully formed before the arrival at the cloud and then aggregate information from many edge points helps getting to market quicker.

Distributed SQL Database Provides Data Insights At Scale

Distributed SQL Database Provides Data Insights At Scale

Crate.io enables enterprises to access data at scale. The distributed database combines the power of NoSQL with the performance and simplicity of SQL.

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Crate.io appoints senior marketeer Ann Thueland as Head of Global Marketing

Experienced marketing professional joins Crate.io to help propel next phase of growth

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