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Exec Q&A with CEO Eva Schönleitner

The CEO of, a database technology ideal for digitalisation, is responsible for scaling the company globally. She shares some personal insights

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Females in IT - Future of IT! Community members CEO Eva Schönleitner is part of the FIT (Females in IT - Future of IT) community.

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Choosing a Database for Your Enterprise? Here Is What You Need to Consider

Irrespective of how much data there is (or even what type of data), its true value lies in what businesses do with it all.

Empowering enterprises to replicate data from multiple locations back to a central site

CrateDB’s Logical Replication: empowering enterprises to replicate data from multiple locations back to a central site

CrateDB's Logical Replication: Enables the replication and sharing of data from one CrateDB cluster to another across territories

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SCADA x Gantner: intelligent power grid management combines with an innovative database solution

Gantner Instruments helps the University of Cyprus to operate a Smart Micro Grid to research the controllability of renewable energy sources in the power grid.

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Venture Beat Logo extends database service offering to Google Cloud just announced that it was extending its database service to Google Cloud, the last of the big three (along with AWS and Microsoft Azure).

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Five Things to Consider When Selecting a New Database

A database is the silent component that drives business decisions and operational improvements. It is crucial to make the right choice. and Google Cloud form new partnership to enable data insights at scale announces partnership with Google Cloud to enable data insights at scale announced a collaboration that will enable customers to access CrateDB, the enterprise-grade multi-model database via Google Cloud.

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Partnership Digital Factory Vorarlberg, developer of CrateDB, announces a research partnership with the Digital Factory Vorarlberg GmbH (DFV).

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Digitalization at Scale: Eva Schönleitner and

Originally from Austria herself, Schönleitner spent some 25 years of her life working in the United States.

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