Silicon Angle brings its managed machine information database to the network edge

2021-04-16 Inc. is bringing its specialized database for information generated by machines and “internet of things” devices to the network edge.

Read more Expands CrateDB Cloud with the Launch of CrateDB Edge


The fully managed edge database – built for harnessing the power of machine data at remote and offline locations – brings the scale, availability and management advantages of CrateDB to customers regardless of where their data is

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DM Radio

Waves of Innovation – Why IoT Is Just Getting Started


Check out this episode of DM Radio where host Eric Kavanagh interviews Christian Lutz,; Lucas Funes, Webee; and Victor Wollesen, Per Vices

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Why has returned to its pure open source roots

2021-04-12's CTO Bernd Dorn explains on why has returned to its pure open source roots

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“It is a challenge to be financially successful with open source”


Read the interview with our CTO Bernd Dorn on dotnetpro: "It is a Challenge to be Financially Successful with Open Source"

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IoT Evolution

Winners of the 2021 IoT Evolution Industrial IoT Product of the Year Awards Announced


We are very excited that was announced as one of the winners of the 2021 IoT Evolution Industrial IoT Product of the Year Awards, presented by IoT Evolution World

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TechTarget SearchData Management

CrateDB 4.5 takes distributed SQL database open source


The distributed SQL database vendor is out with a new version of its CrateDB database that brings improved security and management features for on-premises and cloud deployments.

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Database for the IIoT


Both the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Big Data are very data-intensive. The resulting heterogeneous infrastructure of databases means an ever more complex administration. Special databases are available for the IIoT to solve those challenges.

Read more Open Sources the Entire Codebase of CrateDB – the Database Purpose Built for Machine Data


With today’s release of CrateDB 4.5, all database capabilities previously included in the enterprise version are available in the community edition; CrateDB will remain fully open source moving forward

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IT Administrator

Consolidation of databases


Data-intensive trends such as Big Data or Industrial IoT result in a heterogeneous database infrastructure. This makes administration complex. The article outlines how consolidation is possible.

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