mezzanine-careers 0.1

Job Posting application for the Mezzanine CMS

Mezzanine Careers is a simple Job Posting application built for the Django based CMS Mezzanine.

This app is NOT ready for production use but play as you will. It's pretty basic.


  • Create a list of job posting with delayed and expiring durations
  • Provide basic templates to get started
  • Seamlessly integrate with the Mezzanine CMS

Installation and Usage

Install the app by using pip:

$ pip install mezzanine-careers

Add careers to INSTALLED_APPS and synchronize/migrate the database.

Go to the admin site and create new job posts in the Careers section


New features and fixes are welcome. Better if it comes with a patch or pull request. You can find the latest development sources at GitHub. Issues are tracked at the GitHub project page.


  • add user posting form modelled or integrate mezzanine forms
  • add user uploads (resumes, CVs, portfolio, etc.)
  • add user email replies


Robert Moggach




  • Topic :: Software Development :: Libraries :: Python Modules
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  • Topic :: Internet :: WWW/HTTP :: WSGI
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  • Topic :: Internet :: WWW/HTTP
  • Programming Language :: Python
  • Operating System :: OS Independent
  • License :: OSI Approved :: BSD License
  • Intended Audience :: Developers
  • Framework :: Django
  • Environment :: Web Environment
  • Development Status :: 3 - Alpha
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