django-social-friends-finder 0.2

An extension app for django-social-auth or django-allauth that fetches your friends from different social-networks.

An extension app for `django-social-auth` or `django-allauth` that fetches your friends from different social-networks.
It displays matched friends so you can suggest your users to add them as friend or follow them. 


To use it with `django-social-auth`

  * django-social-auth>=0.7.10 and all its dependencies

To use it with `django-allauth`

  * django-allauth>=0.8.3 and all its dependencies

Back-end dependencies

  * python-twitter>=0.8.2 for twitter backend
  * facebook-sdk for facebook backend


There are 3 ways to install this app

    pip install django-social-friends-finder

or build from the source.

    python install

or add `social_friends_finder` to your path

Usage and Configuration

Add `social_friends_finder` to your APPS list in your settings file


Add urls to your url config

    urlpatterns = patterns('',
        url(r'^find-friends/', include('social_friends_finder.urls')),

Optionally you can use following settings:

    SF_REDIRECT_IF_NO_SOCIAL_ACCOUNT_FOUND: True if no social account found. Default is True
    REDIRECT_URL: The url to redirect if above setting is used. Default is "/"

Go to `/find-friends/list/` on your browser.


Currently there are facebook and twitter backends are available. Please help to implement new backends.

Implementing backend classes are easy. Just create a class inherits from `BaseFriendsProvider` and implement two of its methods. 
See backends module for example implementations

The software design for back-ends needs to be tweaked a little. Encapsulating the allauth and social-auth behaviors in different subclasses would help.
Also a common interface for backends to load them silently is crucial. Now if there is a missing backend, we raise an error. Factory class that loads them is also very ugly.

I needed to implement this app for a real-world project with an impossible deadline, and now no time to refactor it. So if you can spend some time on the above issues, that'd be awesome.

Thanks `lizrice` for the `django-allauth` integration.

Change Log

See `CHANGES.txt` file for history
BSD licence, see LICENCE.txt


Suleyman Melikoglu


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