django-shop-ajax 0.1.3

Ajax utilities for django SHOP

This app adds some nifty ajax functions you can use with django SHOP.


This requires jQuery ( and django SHOP to work (

  • Add shop_ajax to your INSTALLED_APPS in your
  • On your server run python collectstatic to collect all app's static files

Alternatively, you can just copy the content of shop.js in your javascript files.


  • Import the javascript files
<script type="text/javascript" src="{{ STATIC_URL }}shop_ajax/shop.js"></script>
  • Initialize the SHOP.cart somewhere on the top of your javascript code by providing it a csrf_token and urls to corresponding views
SHOP.cart.init('{{ csrf_token }}', '{% url cart_item_add %}', '{% url cart_item_add %}', '{% url cart_delete %}');
  • Use the provided functions in your templates
<a href="#" onclick="SHOP.cart.addItem({{ }})">Add to cart</a>
BSD License


Ales Kocjancic


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