CrateDB Vs MySQL

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Over MySQL Crate gives you:

  • a masterless architecture
  • automatic sharding and replication
  • faster fulltext search by an order of magnitude
  • multi index queries – faster
  • distributed aggregations and sort
  • distributed joins
  • a permissive license
  • data partitioning by function (e.g. per day,
    week, …)
  • real time queries on very large data sets
  • drastically smaller cluster size with massive
    performance gains
  • eventual consistency, optimistic concurrency control

On the downside our performance and simplicity comes at some cost: no ACID, no transactions/rollback (but transactional semantics to handle many situations), several SQL features not yet implemented, but on the roadmap e.g. subselects (already working on), window functions (next on the menu), stored procedures…check out our docu, you quickly get the feature set available.

Crate constantly expands its SQL feature set. If you see missing features that you need, talk to us, we may be really fast in adding them. Also our plugin-architecture may provide a simple way to add your required features.


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