Crate vs CockroachDB

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Frankly it is too early to tell how CockroachDB will fare, as it hasn’t been fully released nor it is in production available. Also we have not seen a PoC with benchmarks against Crate yet. But we checked out the info available and compared to CockroachDB Crate offers:

  • memory based forward indices for faster aggregations
  • A better advanced indexing engine

  • better full text search
  • blob support
  • Storage Engine:
 Crate uses Lucene (large set of indexing, full-text, geo-spatial, row-based, column based) vs CockroachDB Key/Value Store (RocksDB, proprietary), rather simple Operations, limited full-text
  • Query Engine:
 Crate offers a Native Query Analyzer, Planner and Execution Engine, Map/Reduce vs Cockroach with layers on top of K/V store, however few layers implemented yet.
  • eventual consistency vs Cockroach claims full ACID
  • Sharding:
 Crate uses row based hashing for sharding, plus configurable partitioning vs Cockroach has simple MongoDB style range-based sharding.
  • Scale: Crate is in production with large clusters (>100 nodes) vs Cockroach is alpha/beta (cDB), tested <24 nodes (fDB)

A little disclaimer: comparisons depend on generalizations by their very nature. Let us know if you think we didn’t get something right and get in contact.


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