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Smart Energy

Unlocking innovation in the smart energy sector

Enabling consistent, safe, quick, energy monitoring


The Challenge

Billions have been invested into making the world’s energy systems more intelligent – and the energy sector’s smart transformation is still only just getting started. Digital devices, sensors and remote access are upscaling how our energy is produced, delivered, and consumed.

One huge effect of IoT in the energy sector is the upsurge in innovation with new solutions cropping up every day. Power stations, for instance, are helping electricity producers to monitor their energy capacity to the very last cubic meter.

Smart energy isn’t just only about smart devices. The full benefits of today’s power revolution heavily relies on smart data – and, more importantly, the smart management of that data.

The Solution

CrateDB streamlines the surge of data points and tailors it to specific needs. The goal is to support energy managers make well-informed decisions, that save costs and optimize consumption.

As a horizontal database, CrateDB allows for rapid scale, our simplified architecture provides a super-fast, fully searchable data store and supports a complete range of different data types as well as time-series capabilities. CrateDB has a unique ability for real-time operational and analytic processing in a hybrid environment, on-premise, to the cloud and on the edge; very much in line with the environment most energy providers face today


Use Case


Gantner Instruments (GI) is a global leader in the development of high precision measurement and control systems. Founded in 1982, Gantner excels in delivering products and services in the fields of electrical, mechanical, and thermal measurement. GI always prioritizes flexibility, usability, and accessibility. Their test automation and performance monitoring solutions can be found in many applications around the world, particularly in the automotive, aerospace, civil engineering, and energy industries.


Image: GI.cloud dashboard presents the data being monitored by the Advanced System Monitoring and Analytics solution

The Results

With the Advanced System Monitoring and Analytics solution², GI provides real time control and AI for tomorrow’s smart grid services. Enabled by CrateDB, this next-generation multi-service monitoring and control system allows energy providers to:

  • Improve system performance
  • Decrease Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCoE)
  • Utilize AI-driven analytics
  • Enhance observability
  • Manage smart grid controls

“Dealing with high volume and high frequency sensor data CrateDB is the only database that gives us the speed, scalability, and ease of use that our teams, customers, and applications require.”

Jürgen Sutterlüti, VP, Energy Segment and Marketing





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