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Empowering factories to optimize their production process

The Challenge

Every factory has the potential to improve their throughput, quality, material and inventory management, as well as maintenance and end-to-end traceability, to accelerate their workflows and optimise procedures. All it takes is better data management.

Today’s smart factories can monitor their production processes with sensors from start to finish. The real challenge however is often information overload, the hassle of getting different data sources and systems to converge and to scale as lines, processes and plants connect.

The Solution

With CrateDB, manufacturers can bring their data into one database that captures unstructured data on the factory floor - such as machine sensor data, images, and text – for analysis and real-time action.

In addition, manufacturers can combine data from legacy IT systems like MES or ERP into CrateDB and thus, reduce the need for multiple databases. CrateDB frees customers from the constraints of traditional time-series databases and limits of transactional data with a simplified stack and a hybrid, multi-cloud functionality (able to run anywhere & everywhere).

Due to its unique capabilities, CrateDB runs without massive changes to the existing architectures or expensive hiring of new personnel (SQL knowledge works just fine) and no need to buy multiple databases for different use cases.

Smart Factory

Use Case

Alpla Logo

Since deploying CrateDB across 16 factories globally, the $4-billion packaging giant is now capturing data from tens of thousands of sensors with 900 different factory-specific data types – all in real-time.

The Results

  • Up to 10% improvement in overall equipment effectiveness
  • up to 70% savings in total cost of ownership
  • maintain existing personnel without expensive hiring
  • reduction in waste

“We can collect continuous production data, turn it into information in a digestible format and feed it back to the floor for specific actions. It's incredibly powerful. We can guide decision-making on the floor the very moment an incident occurs. And we capture huge volumes of raw data for advanced data science going forward.”

Philipp Lehner, CEO, ALPLA Group


White Paper

Common Misconceptions Manufacturer still believe

While IIoT adoption does require a new approach to managing and analyzing data collected in real-time, this isn’t as difficult as many manufacturers believe.


Why IIoT needs its own database?

In order to bring IIoT projects to success, it is crucial to use the right technology – including the database.

White Paper

Turning the IIoT into Reality

The characteristics of the IIoT use case are discussed in this white paper, presenting how it really brings incredible benefits to the organizations that implement it.

Wie CrateDB Echtzeit-Monitoring für CPG-Unternehmen ermöglicht

Real time production monitoring in CPG industry

In this joint German webinar with Microsoft, we share the use case of a leading CPG manufacturer and how they reduced their costs with CrateDB and Azure.

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