Life Sciences

Helping unleash the life-saving power of smart data

Enabling the high potential of IoT in life sciences

The Challenge

IoT can transform the world of life sciences and, in doing so, radically improves healthcare outcomes. Efficiencies and insights from IoT are already helping to improve lives.

The promise of IoT is more data – and, more importantly, the insights that data brings. Life sciences are now on track to become the fastest-growing segment of the entire IoT market. Annual compound growth of over 15%, no less.1

Today, life science professionals have many data points at their fingertips and with the right tools can speed up innovations and discoveries.

The Solution

CrateDB enables organisations to make the most out of the complexity of smart data and can be an integral part of digital innovation across every level of the life sciences value chain, from R&D to manufacturing.

Our distributed database technology improves the flow of information going into data systems, while our next-generation management software optimises the insights delivered.

1 How Internet of Things (IoT ) is impacting Life Sciences and Healthcare Industry. 42 Gears.


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