CrateDB's value spans across several industries and segments

Movement of vehicles along the production line at the plant. Car Assembly shop. Car Assembly by parts


The constant flow of machine & sensor data has the power to improve manufacturing efficiency, innovate processes & workflows and manage production in real-time

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Windmills for power generation

Smart Energy

IoT delivers smart energy to consumers when they need it, how they need it

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A plane, a cargo ship and a truck next to each other

Transportation / Logistics

Linear logistics is no longer the norm, today optimized routes are created in real-time, enabled by data

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A display showing Smart Retail in a shop


Data enables smart retail to customize pricing, forecast demand and optimize delivery

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Predictive analytics Big Data analysis Business intelligence internet and modern technology concept on virtual screen.


The potential of Big Data as a catalyst for technological innovation

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Modern architecture and wireless communication network

Smart Buildings

We spend on average 80% of our time in buildings and data allows us to make that time productive, sustainable and comfortable

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A person with a stethoscope listening on a display with various health symbols

Life Sciences

Data powers innovation across the entire life sciences value chain

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