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Join CrateIO CEO Jodok Batlogg at his talk

**“Super Simple Internet of Things Backend: Persistence post Hadoop with Crate”**.

The backend has not only to deal with a constant parallel inflow of data, but even more important: to process lots of ad-hoc events being forwarded fromsensors as they happen.

Unfortunately traditional infrastructure isn’t designed to handle this kind of workload: In this talk Jodok will describe how we solved this challenge with two horizontally scaling components – Crate (Persistence Layer) and Twitter Storm (Event processing).

Crate is a developer-friendly, distributed data store. It is Open Source and makes real time SQL queries on large data sets super simple. Jodok will cover all the pitfalls and learnings on our way to building a productive system. The first scaling issues, the architectural decisions at the beginning, but also about the development process with test-driven development but also interesting code snippets and the outcome of the load tests.

New York

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