Hack Upstate

Apr 11, 2015 9:00 AM

We met the Hack Upstate team at SXSW this year and instantly bonded over hackathons, sprints (yes even SnowSprints), and open source software. While we were unable to send a developer to the event we are really excited to be a sponsor. The project that is the "Best Use of Crate's Distributed DB for Docker" will win an IntelNUC!

For those of you who will be participating in Hack Upstate, if you have any questions reach out to us on [IRC](http://en.irc2go.com/webchat/?net=freenode&room=crate), [Google Groups](Google Groups), [Twitter](https://twitter.com/crateio), [email](mailto:support@crate.io) or through any of our other online Crate communities.

Good luck to all of the participants we are really exited to see this year's projects!

![Prize for best Crate Project](https://cdn.crate.io/media/1504/hack-upstate-prize.png)

Syracuse, NY

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