We are hosting a joint webcast with Microsoft on our brand new solution CrateOM on January 26, 2022.

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What Data-First Companies Do (That You Don’t)

Pulling insights out of exponentially growing data is challenging, but the benefits are enormous. Data-first companies have progressed with advanced data analytics, cloud/edge computing and IoT but are now moving to machine learning and artificial intelligence.

In this invitation-only virtual roundtable event, join other technology leaders in manufacturing for a conversation about the key actions data-first companies are taking to prepare for the data infrastructure needed to realize "Industry 4.0".

Our Solution Expert is Eva Schönleitner, Crate.io CEO. We've also invited Bernhard Zimmermann, Director at Zühlke, to talk about their path to becoming a data-first enterprise, and what opportunities they are pursuing.


February 1, 2022






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