Upcoming Webinar in German on July 12: Datensilos in einer Hochgeschwindigkeits-Logistikumgebung beseitigen

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Datensilos in einer Hochgeschwindigkeits-Logistikumgebung beseitigen

Today's warehouses are complex systems with a very high degree of automation. The key to the successful operation of these warehouses lies in having a holistic view on the entire system based on data from various components like sensors, PLCs, embedded controllers, and software systems. All these components can be seen as “data silos” distributed across the entire site - each of them storing just some pieces of information in various data structures and different ways to access it.  

After trying multiple database systems, TGW moved to CrateDB for its ability to aggregate different data formats and ability to query this information without much hassle.

Learning Objectives:

  •     Challenges created by a fast paced environment on classical database systems  
  •     Learn about the importance for a standard SQL language 
  •     Learn how easy it is to use and scale CrateDB 

July 12, 2022




Online, Webinar



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