Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) is an API developed by Microsoft to provide an abstraction layer for database access. As part of the Enterprise license Crate provides a proprietary ODBC driver to integrate existing applications and make it a first-class citizen in the Crate’s eco-system.

To obtain a free trial license of the ODBC driver, a license agreement is necessary. After signing, our team will send you the driver package.
Screenshot shows Tableau connected to a Crate cluster.

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What Can the ODBC Driver Do?

  • Provide a native client library for working with Crate on Windows
  • Enable existing ODBC-suported applications to connect with Crate, such as Tableau, Pentaho and Microsoft Office
  • Use one of the many database tools for ODBC to manage a Crate cluster
  • Use the full power of the .NET platform and Crate to create enterprise ready applications.


Accessing Crate via ODBC follows well-established patterns and only takes a few lines of code.

For example this snippet lists all available nodes including their IDs:

// open connection and prepare statement


OdbcCommand cmd = conn.CreateCommand();

cmd.CommandText = “SELECT id, name FROM sys.nodes ORDER BY id”;

// create a “cursor” and a row placeholder to populate OdbcDataReader dbReader = cmd.ExecuteReader();

Object[] row = new Object[dbReader.FieldCount];

// read from Crate

while (dbReader.Read()) {


 // do stuff