Tools Overview

There are several tools that play well with Crate, from development utilities to data visualization tools. We even use some of them ourselves!

This page gives an overview of the tools available and tested with the latest version of Crate. If you know of any other tools that work well with Crate, please get in touch.

Management Utilities

SQuirreL SQL

SQirreL is an open-source, cross-platform, graphical Java SQL Client (requires Java >= 6.x) that allows you to view the structure of any JDBC compliant database.

Here is a setup guide about how to connect to Crate with SQirreL.


conZole is a web-based SQL console written in Node.js that lets you inspect data in a Crate cluster. It uses the node-crate driver and Zebra UI as the HTML5 front end.


The Crate Shell (aka crash) is an officially maintained, open-source command line interface (SQL shell) for Crate. It's written in Python (requires Python >= 2.7) and supports multiple output formats such as tabular output, CSV or JSON.

cr8 Utilities

cr8 is a collection of command line tools for Crate written in Python and developed by one of our core developers. It reduces repetitive tasks such as filling tables with sample data, a real 'Swiss army knife' for Crate users.


ctop is a simple stat/top tool for Crate written in Python and based on urwid. It can display metrics such as CPU, memory, heap usage, network traffic and disk i/o in a console user interface.

Data Visualization

Tableau Desktop

Tableau is a business analytics and data visualization software that lets you see and understand data in minutes.

Connecting Tableau to a Crate cluster requires our ODBC driver, find more details here.


SQLPad is a beautiful, web-based SQL editor written in Node.js that can run in your own private cloud and supports multiple databases such as Postgres, MySQL, SQL Server, Vertica and since version 1.12.0, also Crate.


Pentaho prepares and blends data, delivering business analytics from any source. You can connect to Crate clusters by using the standalone version of our JDBC driver.

StreamSets Data Collector

StreamSets Data Collector is a lightweight, powerful engine that streams data in real time. Use Data Collector to route and process data in your data streams. Here is our manual on how to use Crate as an origin and destination in a StreamSets pipeline.


Zoomdata is a SaaS solution for deep analysis of big data sets in a visual interface. Crate is available as a data source connection.


Grafana is a very versatile tool for visualizing all kinds of time series data, and it has a Crate plugin.


Metabase is an open source, easy-to-use visualization that answers questions about your data. It's written in Clojure and comes with a Crate driver out of the box!