Crate Resilience Status

Crate takes your data seriously and resolving resilience-specific issues is always a top priority for us. This page informs you about Crate resiliency issues so you can make informed decisions about its ability to support your use case.

To help you follow the status of resilience-related issues we've resolved or that are currently in the engineering queue, review the issues list from GitHub below.

If you’re interested in Crate’s underlying storage, distribution, and durability/consistency architecture, you might find the following informative:

  • Crate Storage and Consistency: Understand the Crate approach and design trade offs we make to balance consistency and performance for the customer use cases we support.

Elasticsearch and Crate

Crate and Elasticsearch: Crate's clustering layer leverages Elasticsearch libraries, which intertwines Crate and Elasticsearch resilience. In addition to that, you can follow Elasticsearch's resiliency issues since they also might affect Crate (see below).

Elasticsearch Versions

Crate 0.57.5 (stable): Elasticsearch 2.4.1

Crate 1.0.0 (testing): Elasticsearch 2.4.2

Any resiliency issues that affect these Elasticsearch versions will also affect Crate.

Github Issues Tagged with Resiliency