Alter and restore global cluster setting values at runtime. For a list of the possible settings see Cluster Wide Settings. Only settings documented with Runtime: yes can be changed.


SET GLOBAL [ PERSISTENT | TRANSIENT ] setting_ident [ = | TO ] value [ , ... ]

RESET GLOBAL setting_ident [ , ... ]


Using the SET and RESET statements it is possible to configure the crate cluster at runtime.

SET can be used to change a configuration setting ident to a different value. Using RESET will reset the setting to its default value or, if the setting was defined at the configuration file on node start-up, to this value.


setting_ident:The full qualified setting ident of the setting to set / reset.
value:The value to set for the configuration setting.


The default is TRANSIENT. Settings that are changed using the TRANSIENT keyword will be lost if the cluster is stopped or restarted.

Using the PERSISTENT keyword will persist the changes to disk so that the change will survive cluster restarts.


The persistence keyword can only be used within a SET statement.