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Version notes


Consult the following table for CrateDB version compatibility notes:

Driver Version CrateDB Version Notes
1.x < 0.38 Not supported.
1.x >= 0.38


Uses the (legacy, now removed) binary transport protocol, with a default port of 4300.

Any < 0.55 Default schema selection is not supported.
1.x >= 0.55 Not supported.
2.x 0.56.x

Experimental support.

The CrateDB psql.enabled setting must be set to true.

For the JDBC driver, the prepareThreshold connection property must be set to 0.

2.x >= 0.57.x


The connection string changed to the same format used by the PostgreSQL JDBC driver.

This means that setting the default schema with the connection string is not supported. Use setSchema() instead, or provide a schema name in the SQL statement.

Also, support for the experimental showsubcolumns parameter has been dropped.

Any >= 2.1.x

Client needs to connect with a valid database user to access CrateDB.

The default CrateDB user is crate and has no password is set.

The enterprise edition of CrateDB allows you to create your own users.

Prior versions of CrateDB do not support this feature.

Implementation notes


The CrateDB JDBC driver follows the JDBC 4.1 standard.

However, the following notes apply:


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