Install CrateDB on Microsoft Windows

Because CrateDB is a Java application, it runs effortlessly on Microsoft Windows.


CrateDB requires a Java virtual machine to run.

Starting with CrateDB 4.2, a Java virtual machine is bundled with the tarball and no extra installation is necessary.

Versions from 3.0 to 4.1 require a Java 11 installation. We recommend using Oracle’s Java on Microsoft Windows.

Earlier versions required Java 8.

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These instructions are designed to get you up and running on your personal computer.

For putting CrateDB into production, you can learn more about deploying or scaling CrateDB in the CrateDB Guide.

Table of contents

Download and run

For this specialized guide, we have adapted the basic tarball installation instructions for use with Windows PowerShell.

Download the latest CrateDB release.

Once downloaded, expand the tarball using a tool like 7-Zip.

Start PowerShell, change into the expanded tarball folder, and start CrateDB, like so:

PS> ./bin/crate

Next steps

Now you have CrateDB up and running, take the guided tour.