Start building

CrateDB is happy at the heart of any application stack, with a number of libraries to support development.

Below is a selection of development libraries that are known to work with CrateDB. This is split into two categories: software that is maintained by, and software that is maintained by the CrateDB community.

Pick your library, and start building!

Language Maintainers Drivers Plugins and ORMs
Java crate-jdbc  
Python crate SQLAlchemy
C# (.NET) Npgsql  
Python Community asyncpg  
Ruby Community crate_ruby ActiveRecord
Scala Community crate-scala  
Node.js Community crate-connect, cratejs, node-crate Loopback
Go Community pgx  
Perl Community DBD::Crate  
Erlang None (EOL) craterl  

If you would like to see something added to this page, please get in touch.


CrateDB supports the PostgreSQL wire protocol. Accordingly, many clients that work with PostgreSQL also work with CrateDB.

You can try this out for yourself:

  • Configure a PostgreSQL connection, but point your client to a CrateDB server instead of a PostgreSQL server
  • Authenticate as the crate superuser with no password
  • Specify the doc schema, if you’re asked for a database name

Check out the client compatibility notes and implementation differences for information about known limitations.

If you run into issues, please let us know. We regularly update CrateDB to accomodate new PostgreSQL clients.