Import test data

Before you can really experiment with CrateDB, you need some data to play around with.

In this document, we show you how to import test data.


This document assumes that you have CrateDB installed and running.

Table of contents

Introducing: The CrateDB Admin UI

CrateDB ships with a web administration user interface (UI), or admin UI for short.

The CrateDB admin UI runs on every CrateDB node, and you can use it to inspect and interact with the whole CrateDB cluster in a number of ways.

We will use the admin UI throughout this section.

Access the admin UI in your browser using a URL like this:


If CrateDB is not running locally, replace localhost with the hostname CrateDB is running on.

You should see something like this:


Import some tweets

In the admin UI, select the Help tab (question mark icon) from the left-hand navigation menu.

You should see something like this:


Select IMPORT TWEETS FOR TESTING and follow the instructions to authenticate your Twitter account.


Don’t worry. This isn’t going to post anything on your behalf. All this does is import a selection of recent public tweets on Twitter.

Leave this running and stop it when you have enough tweets. Aim for at least few thousand.

When you’re done, select the Tables icon from the left-hand navigation.

You should see something like this:


Next steps

Now you have some test data, learn how to query it.