Unreleased Changes


These changes have not yet been released.

If you are viewing this document on the Crate.io website, these changes reflect what exists on the master branch in Git. This is where we collect changes before they are ready for release.


Unreleased changes may not be ready for general use and could lead to data corruption or data loss. You should back up your data before experimenting with unreleased changes.

Table of contents

Breaking Changes

  • Added support for flag g to function regexp_matches and changed its type from scalar to table type. It now returns a table where each row contains a single column groups of type array(text).


  • Changed OPTIMIZE to no longer implicitly refresh a table.
  • Added table function generate_subscripts
  • Changed the privileges for KILL, all users are now allowed to kill their own statements.
  • Added the pg_catalog.pg_roles table <postgres_pg_catalog>


  • Fixed an issue that caused primary key lookups to return an empty result instead of the row identified by the primary key values, if the primary key consists of multiple columns and if one of them is of type BOOLEAN.