Version 1.0.4

Released on 2017/02/24.


If you are upgrading a cluster, you must be running CrateDB 0.57.0 or higher before you upgrade to 1.0.4.

If you want to perform a rolling upgrade, your current CrateDB version number must be Version 1.0.0 or higher. If you want to upgrade from a version prior to this, the upgrade will introduce all of the breaking changes listed for Version 1.0.0, and will require a full restart upgrade.


Before upgrading, you should back up your data.

Table of contents



  • Removed limitation which didn’t allow ordering on partitioned columns in a GROUP BY query.

  • Updated crate-admin to 1.0.5 which includes the following change:

    • Fixed a console results issue that caused the results table not to be displayed after horizontal scrolling.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the admin-ui to load only one plugin.
    • Display warning in the console view when the query result contains an unsafe integer.
    • Relocated the help resources section to be underneath the tweet import tutorial.
    • Show loading indicator when Execute Query is in progress.


  • Fixed an issue which caused restoring a whole partitioned table from a snapshot to fail.
  • Fixed the low/high disk-based shard allocation watermark settings. When a percentage value is provided for either of settings, it won’t be converted to an absolute byte value.
  • Index columns based on string arrays are correctly populated with values.
  • Fixed evaluation on UPDATE of generated columns without referenced columns, e.g. generated columns with a CURRENT_TIMESTAMP expression.
  • Fixed global aggregations on JOINs with 3 or more tables.