Session SettingsΒΆ

This section documents settings that only apply to the currently connected client session. Currently, there is only one of these settings.

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Settings can be changed during a session with SET and RESET.

search_path: schema names (default: doc)

The list of schemas that will be used to look for a relation that is referenced without a schema.

CrateDB will try to resolve an unqualified relation name against the configured search path by iterating over the configured schemas in the order they were declared in. The first matching relation in the search path is used, or an error is reported if there is no match.

In order to configure the search path we use

SET search_path TO myschema, doc;

The current search path value could be retrieved using SHOW (session settings):

SHOW search_path;

This setting mirrors the PostgreSQL search_path setting.

Some clients, which generally connect to CrateDB using the PostgreSQL wire protocol, require access to various tables in the pg_catalog schema, usually to extract information about built-in data types or functions. CrateDB implements the system pg_catalog schema and it implicitly includes it in the search_path before the configured schemas, unless it is explicitly declared in the search_path on any position.