Ingestion FrameworkΒΆ


The ingestion framework is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

As well as allowing you to ingest data via standard SQL inserts, CrateDB provides an ingestion framework that allows you to ingest data through custom event-based ingestion sources.

The CrateDB ingestion framework provides highly available and distributed ingestion sources for custom protocols where thousands of events are being sent simultaneously, such as MQTT. No intermediate queues or brokers need to be set up.

Ingestion is configured via ingestion rules, which define how incoming data gets routed and stored. For more, details see ingestion rules docs.

Ingestion rules are bound to a specific ingestion source.

An ingestion source is a registered source of external data. External data access is always implementation specific. For example, an ingestion source could get data from an MQTT endpoint, an HTTP webhook, or a module listening for kernel events.

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