Using CrateDB with SQuirreL SQL

SQuirreL is a graphical SQL client application that can be used to browse and query a JDBC compliant database.

As CrateDB supports JDBC with its CrateDB JDBC driver, it can easily be used with SQUirreL.

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SQuirreL does not provide a CrateDB driver with its distribution, so an extra setup step is required to run CrateDB with SQuirreL:

  1. Copy the CrateDB JDBC standalone jar to the SQuirreL lib folder. On OS X, when installing SQuirreL with the MaxOS X installer, this is /Applications/

  2. Start SQuirreL.

  3. Choose the Drivers tab and add a new driver, adding the following information into the form and confirm by pressing ok.

    squirrel add driver dialogue
  4. Choose the Aliases tab and add a new Alias, Choose your new driver (called CrateDB in our example) and enter your database URL. By default, we authenticate as the crate user with no password..

    squirrel add alias dialogue
  5. Connect your alias to your CrateDB instance.


You can browse CrateDB using the Object Tree Worksheet, that is the usual view you use for browsing your tables and get information about their schema.

browsing the content and schema of a table using squirrel

When browsing a table’s content using Content, it is possible to edit the table contents by right-clicking and choosing Make Editable.

editing the content of a table using squirrel

Using the SQuirreL SQL Editor it is possible to execute arbitrary SQL commands and scripts.

using the squirrel sql editor