Management Utilities

Table of Contents

SQuirreL SQL

SQuirreL is an open-source, cross-platform, graphical Java SQL Client (requires Java >= 6.x) that allows you to view the structure of any JDBC compliant database.

Learn how to get set up with CrateDB and SQuirreL.


conZole is a web-based SQL console written in Node.js that lets you inspect data in a CrateDB cluster. It uses the node-crate driver and Zebra UI as the HTML5 front end.


The CrateDB Shell (aka crash) is an officially maintained, open-source command line interface (SQL shell) for CrateDB. It’s written in Python (requires Python >= 2.7) and supports multiple output formats such as tabular output, CSV or JSON.

cr8 Utilities

cr8 is a collection of command line tools for CrateDB written in Python and developed by one of our core developers. It reduces repetitive tasks such as filling tables with sample data, a real ‘Swiss army knife’ for CrateDB users.


ctop is a simple stat/top tool for CrateDB written in Python and based on urwid. It can display metrics such as CPU, memory, heap usage, network traffic and disk i/o in a console user interface.