Community Maintained Clients

Table of Contents

CrateDB and Node.js

We have several Node and JavaScript drivers. A simple connector by herenow, cratejs by herenow which extends it and node-crate by megastef as an alternative.

CrateDB and Loopback

Lovely Systems created a connector to CrateDB for Loopback, the Node.js framework for connecting backend datasources.

CrateDB and .NET

Npgsql.CrateDB is a a plugin that provides extensions to Npgsql to simplify usage with CrateDB.

CrateDB and Mono

crate-mono is a Mono/.NET client driver implementing the ADO.NET interface forwritten by Mathias Fussenegger.

CrateDB and GoLang

herenow wrote a Golang driver for CrateDB that implements the Go sql interface package.

CrateDB and Vim

Thanks to the work of Mathias Fussenegger and David Fishburn, Vim users can connect to CrateDB clusters from within the editor using the dbext plugin.

CrateDB and Perl

Mamod Mehyar created DBD::Crate, a DBI/Perl driver for CrateDB.