Start buildingΒΆ

CrateDB is happy at the heart of any application stack, with a number of libraries to support development.

Below is a selection of development libraries that are known to work with CrateDB. This is split into two categories: software that is maintained by, and software that is maintained by the CrateDB community.

Pick your library, and start building!

Language Maintainers Drivers Plugins and ORMs
Java crate-jdbc  
Python crate SQLAlchemy
C# (.NET) Npgsql  
Python Community asyncpg  
Ruby Community crate_ruby ActiveRecord
Scala Community crate-scala  
Node.js Community crate-connect, cratejs, node-crate Loopback
Go Community pgx  
Perl Community DBD::Crate  
Erlang None (EOL) craterl  

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