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Before you can start using CrateDB Cloud, you must first sign up for a user account.

As a CrateDB Cloud user, you can create and manage organizations and projects. As an organization administrator, you can also manage other CrateDB Cloud users as well as launch CrateDB Cloud clusters and other CrateDB Cloud products.

We currently support two signup methods: AzureAD and Amazon Cognito. Consequently, the signup screen should look as follows:

CrateDB Cloud signup screen

If you intend to subscribe and deploy a cluster using a credit card - our recommended procedure - either of these signup methods will work. To the Software as a Service (SaaS) marketplaces, however, restrictions apply. Only AzureAD allows you to deploy clusters on CrateDB Cloud through Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Similarly, for cluster deployment through our other cloud provider, AWS, you should use the Amazon Cognito signup service. The Cognito authentication service is indicated in the UI as Username & Password. Both signup processes are described below.


Due to these restrictions, it is possible that you will only see one of these signup options in the signup UI at a given moment.

Although you can also sign up for a CrateDB Cloud user account after completing the first set of steps in the cluster deployment tutorials, for clarity we recommend you do the CrateDB Cloud signup first, then follow the steps in the deployment tutorials.

To go directly to the latter tutorials, see the tutorial on deploying a cluster using a credit card or the tutorials on deploying a cluster via the SaaS Marketplaces respectively.

Table of contents

Sign up via Azure AD

Visit the CrateDB Cloud Console. You should be presented with a Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) sign in option:

Azure sign-in screen

You must have an Azure account to proceed.

Sign up with Username & Password (Cognito)

If you select the Username & Password sign-in method (supported by Amazon Cognito), you should be presented with a username and password sign-in page:

Cognito sign-in screen

However, before you sign in, you must first sign up for an account.

Select Sign up from the bottom of the dialogue box. You will be redirected to the sign-up page:

Cognito sign-up screen

Fill in your details, then select Sign up.

Next, you should see this screen:

Cognito verification screen

Check your email, fill in the code, and, finally, select Confirm Account to finish the process.

Sign in

Once you’re signed in, you should be redirected to the CrateDB Cloud Console. If you somehow do not have an organization defined yet in the signup process, it will look like this:

Cloud Console without subscription

Otherwise, you will probably see this:

Cloud Console without subscription but with organization

In either case, there’s nothing much here yet.

However, by the end of one of our cluster deployment tutorials, you will have created your first CrateDB Cloud cluster and this page will display an overview of your subscriptions and options for deploying further services.

For more information on the CrateDB Cloud Console, refer to our Console documentation.

Next steps

Now that you have an account, you can choose a cloud provider. Follow the relevant tutorial steps to subscribe and deploy your first cluster.


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