Free trial budget

This section explains our Free trial budget mechanism. This feature gives the user $200 in free credit that can be used for any cluster configuration.

Table of contents

Sign up

To be eligible for free credit, the first step is to sign up. You can follow the process described in the signup tutorial to do so.

Create an organization

To get the credit, simply create a new organization. For the detailed instructions, see Create a new organization how-to.

Create an organization

Enter the desired name for the organization in the field and click Create organization. Once this is done, you will be returned to the Organization overview, where you will see that you have $200 of available credit. You can also see when the credit expires. Free credit is valid for 30 days after organization creation.

Free credit allocated

Now you can follow the Cluster deployment tutorial and get you first cluster running.


Notes on the free credit:

  • Credit can be spent on any cluster configuration

  • Credit expires 30 days after organization is created

  • Billing starts when the free credit is consumed or expired

  • It is possible to deploy multiple clusters with the free credit

  • It is possible to scale clusters with the free credit


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